5C5R主题月 | “交流”共进,合作共赢。

2021/03/09 13:37



“Communicative” for Flag Raising Ceremony


Communication among students is beneficial to common progress; communication among teachers is conducive to higher teaching quality; communication between school and parents is favorable to the growth of children; communication between school and the outside world can provide children with better resources to exercise abilities, and more development directions.

出旗  Flag out 

第 三 周

The 3rd week


Flag Raiser

叶宇泽 Carlos(G2)



张家瑜 Lisa(G2)  

沙睿冬 Sheldon(G2)


Flag Bearers

马予泽 Eric(G3)

许瀚文 Haven(G3)

李希言 Ethan(G4)

刘卿萩 Phoebe(G3)



曹心语 Sylvie(G3)


Raise the national flag, 

and sing the national anthem.


Let’s see how students think 

about the “Communicative”.

 ·  张家瑜 Lisa(G2)


As students in the second grade of primary school, we mainly face parents, other family members, teachers, and classmates every day. How do we communicate with them? Maybe you haven’t thought about it, or maybe you have already done it very well.


First, when communicating with your parents and other family members, maybe you have no special feeling, or maybe you feel comfortable, or maybe there are some points that bother you. Because families regard us as the apple of their eyes, they follow us in everything and deal with things depending on our mind. Due to the tolerance of the families, no matter what we say or do, they seem to support us without hesitation, and the communication with them is very pleasant. Perhaps most families are unhappy when it comes to learning. Why? That’s because we didn’t speak skillfully and listen carefully, which leads to the poor communication. If parents also treat their children as the apple of their eyes when they listen to their children’s learning problems and help them solve the problems, and if children respect their parents as teachers when they listen to their parents’ advice on how to learn, their communication will be unimpeded.


Second, the communication with teachers shall be emphasized. Teachers are facing the whole class. They need to teach us a lot of knowledge. Therefore, when learning knowledge, we need to listen and think more, talk less, maintain good classroom discipline, and cannot speak without scruples, which will affect teachers’ mood. We need a pleasant and comfortable classroom environment. When teachers need us to discuss and answer questions, we can communicate with each other in an orderly manner.


At last, communication with your classmates shall also be focused. This is also an opportunity for us to leave our parents and communicate independently. We learn and play together. We should help, encourage, and appreciate each other in the study process and can find more common topics in playing time. When we are confronted with conflicts, we must actively communicate with each other to solve them. In addition, we shall be sincere, enthusiastic, and proactive to our classmates. I hope we can make more and more good friends through pleasant communication.

 ·  沙睿冬Sheldon(G2)


Respect is the priority in the interaction with people, so we should consider the feeling of others when we speak. As the saying goes, “One kind word makes you warm in the cold winter, while one bad word makes you cold in the hot summer.” When your partners lose the game, the words “Don’t be discouraged. You did a great job.” will make them feel warm even in the cold winter, but words of ridicule will make them feel cold even in the hot summer in June. When we respect others, we will consider the feelings of others when we speak.


In ancient times, Kong Rong sharing pears showed the respect for his brothers. Yang Shi standing in the snow to wait upon Master Cheng respectfully showed the respect for the teacher. Zhong Ziqi appreciating the scene of high mountains and running water from Yu Boya’s zither music showed the respect and love for friends. The Chinese nation is a nation of etiquette, and respect is a traditional virtue. We also should learn to respect each other when we communicate with our friends.


Communication cannot be separated from interacting with people, so we should learn to listen. As a sentence from an extracurricular book read, “If you have an apple and I have an apple, then we all have an apple after exchanging with each other. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, we all have two ideas after exchanging with each other.” The old saying “If three of us are walking together, at least one is good enough to be my teacher.” also has the same meaning.


Some students are good at skateboarding. Some are excellent swimmers. Some know a lot of historical stories, and some have visited many places. Everyone has his own strengths and his own areas of expertise.


Therefore, I really like chatting and playing games with my friends. In this process, I have learned how to make paper airplanes that can fly far away. I have learned a lot of family names. I have learned a lot of historical knowledge. I also shared my favorite solar system knowledge with my friends.


There are so many people in the world, and it is because of the fate that we can meet our classmates and friends, so we should cherish them. It is inevitable that there will be small frictions when getting along with classmates, so I think we need be tolerant when getting along with others. Everyone has his own temper, and everyone has his own thoughts on problems. We can’t ask others to do things the same as us. Mountains’ echo also tells us that others will treat us as we do to them.