VKBS心理健康月 | 关爱自我,悦纳自我。Love yourself accept yourself.

2021/05/20 20:53


Let’s have a simple test


Are you often dissatisfied with yourself and life?


Are you always feeling unsatisfied?


Do you think too much about your mistakes or weaknesses, but never actually doing anything about it?


Are you fear of failure and rejection?


Are you always too hard on yourself (but never be hard on those you love) when you’re feeling down or frustrated?


Did you try to motivate yourself with callous criticism, but it doesn’t work?


Do you ignore your own needs and boundaries and suffering from them?


Have you been caught in too much study, work, worry, food or other distractions that damage your body and your health, Mental health and you can’t stop it?


Do you want to feel at ease and get along with yourself, learn to get along with your wisdom?


If you find yourself in any of these categories, you need to take care of yourself!


Undoubtedly, we are closest to ourselves, and will live with ourselves for a lifetime, thus it is indispensable for us to learn about ways to know and accept ourselves in each stage of our life. How we take care of ourselves and accept ourselves is embodied in our daily company with ourselves, including whether we healthily go through every day, smoothly accomplish daily assignment and task, and stay calm in face of various influences.

Meantime, it is also embodied in how we get along with others and the surroundings, whether we can sincerely concern for others and the surroundings we live in, both of which can be closely associated with how we treat ourselves.


Taking care of ourselves is actually a matter of awareness of our emotions, awareness of the necessity to do something to make us feel better, and its goal lies in adherence to our needs and baseline, lies in proper management of our emotions within a controllable and steady range, and lies in the pursuit for a higher-quality and more purposeful life.


A truly happy acceptance of ourselves is to accept all of ourselves, including the shining points and the deficiencies which together make up who we are, owing to these individual characteristics, each one of us exist uniquely, and only by full awareness of our advantages and disadvantages and full acceptance of them can we really live a highly-satisfactory life with quality.


The general theme of the second annual Mental Health Month is: Self-caring and Self-accepting. The aim is to arouse the attention of teachers and students to their mental health through the form of publicity and activity participation of Mental Health Month. Guide students to know self-exploration, self-care, self-protection, and at the same time learn to help each other, promote the mental health of students.


We hope all teachers and students can get these psychological awareness and skills:


Self-caring: understand the importance of self-caring and learn how to take care of yourself in daily life.


Prevent suicide and self-injury: Understand the meaning and value of life, learn to cherish life, and learn how to deal with suicide and self-injury tendencies and behaviors in people around you.


Applaud for your strengths: Able to recognize your strengths, establish self-esteem and self-confidence, and learn to develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses;


Establish boundaries and express yourself: Understand your boundaries, and learn to express your thoughts and emotions;


Emphasize gender awareness: Accept your own gender characteristics, learn to protect yourself and respect each other;


Accept the environment and respect others: Be able to adapt and accept the current learning and living environment, and to respect the differences and variability of the environment and people;


Prevent bullying: Understand what is bullying and what to do when you encounter bullying.


This activity includes the theme sharing class meeting, video and poster solicitation activities. The specific arrangements are as follows


You can ask homeroom teachers or School counselors for more information.


Let’s learn how to love and accept ourselves together!