Make Good Happen | 宝贝乐跑,爱不停歇。

2021/04/14 20:17

Make Good Happen

爱心接力 一直都在

4月的校园春意盎然,VKBS 四大学院学生、老师和家长志愿者们集结完毕,迎接一年一度盛大的“宝贝乐跑”募捐活动,我们将所有募集的资金捐给“宝贝基金会”。

In April’s campus, the spring is in the air. The students and teachers from VKBS as well as parent volunteers have gathered here to join the annual “Charity BAOBEI Run” event. All the raised funds will be donated to the BAOBEI Foundation.



The BAOBEI Foundation, established in Shanghai by a Chinese and three foreigners in the year of 2008, provides surgery and post-operative rehabilitation services for Chinese orphans with fatal birth defects. The foundation’s name “BAOBEI” means that every child is so precious that they all have their own unique value in the world. Until now, the foundation has already provided over 200 surgeries for more than 100 dying orphans and all of them have regained their health and have restarted their lives in new families.


On April 6th, the “Charity BAOBEI Run” was started. Different from previous years, besides to happy running, we also added reading and rope skipping activities which are greatly welcomed by the kids. Teachers or parents gave a certain amount of donating fund as award according to the number of their running laps, skipping ropes, and reading pages. Every step they ran, every time they jumped and every page they read will be turned into the power to fund those orphans who have fatal birth defects and strive to live a healthy life. We all hope that they can enjoy happy and joyful lives.


The entire campus was surrounded with the atmosphere of love and caring. And in the library, students were reading seriously. Also, at the basketball court, football field and the playground, students with rosy cheeks and happy smiles were running toward us. With the shouts from the cheering squad, the referees scored the children fairly. Our lovely VKBS family joined hands to raise more funds than last year and wish to help more “Babies”. 


All the classes were joined in the competition and students were full of energy. For them, the scores stood for honor and it showed that they can help others with own effort. The activity was full of fun from beginning to end and students enjoyed a lot and run happily.



●  来看看谁是赢家!


The Charity BAOBEI Run lasted for a week and ended in the joy and laughter of all students. With the joint efforts of all teachers, students and parents, ¥529,053 had been collected by 17:00 on April 14th. All the raised money will be donated to the BAOBEI Foundation. 


By joining in such charity events as Hand in Hand, book donation activity, Jacaranda Charity Bazaar as well as Charity BAOBEI Run, the students have learned to care those people in need and help those children who are about their age but live difficult lives.


VKBS has devoted itself to embed the 5C5R learning profile throughout all aspects of school’s education and teach the students to care each other and learn to be grateful. By helping others, we plant the seeds of love and pass on our kindness to look forward to next year’s Charity BAOBEI run!