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News & Stories

2019/06/10 10:36

In June, the campus was surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere: the guard room was suddenly full of express delivery; And during the lunch break and the PEA time, all the classes were empty ; The PTSA in the class received a lot of messages from other parents, asking for some tickets; The teachers and students alike hurried around the school.

2018/11/15 15:50

The primary goal of History Day is to learn about history and develop the critical thinking skills to assess historical interpretation. The reason why VKBS set History Day as a special event is to foster curiosity for the world around us and to encourage our community to engage with past/present events.

2018/11/14 15:00

For many 70, 80, 90 parents, the memory of learning history is painful and frustrating. The study of history is a test of memory, memorizing historical events, participants and the ultimate meanings are the key points of getting high test scores.。


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