Management Team

Agnes Cheng

Executive Principal

“Education is to respect lives. Education is to feed the mind and spirit. Education is to unlock the hidden treasures in learners. Education is to inspire the potential of learners. Education is to treat each learner as an independent individual human being. Together with you, we dream higher, work harder and we will become global citizens with life-long learning capability.”

Lucy Chen

Vice Principal

“Our world has become so splendid because of cultural exchange, and civilizations thrive as a result of mutual learning from each other. Our bilingual education brings together the quintessence of advanced education systems across the globe. We give full play to each of these best practices, so that they coexist and fuse together in a fashion of “appreciating the charm of your own and of others, and the diversity of all”. In the process, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing children who will also embrace the diversity of our world, with cultural mindfulness and a vision of worldwide harmony. .”

Zhang Yuli

Vice Principal

“The function of education is to inherit the wisdom of human nations. At the same time, education always leads children’s growth. It helps people to form their unique personalities and practice critical thinking, so that when we pursue our own freedom, democracy, equality, and respect, we also treat others the same.”